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Skin Treatments
  • Elixir of Youth facial-the combination of Microdermabrasion+Ultrasonic cleaning+customized mask with a finish of LED light

  • Sculptiral face lift technique -the combination of lymphatic and facial deep buccal massage.  The powerful medical-aesthetic and energy technique with osteopathic effect; consists of 3 phases: sculpture, lifting and buccal (intraoral phase). It is a form of a passive fitness, improves elasticity of the skin, effect of lifting, helps with sinusitis, face puffiness, drooping corners of lips, “bulldog’s cheecks”, double chin, nasolabial folds and more. The total duration of the treatment is 60 min: 40 min sculptural part and 20 min intraoral; the procedure is complete with a calming mask.

  • Co2 therapy with microdermabrasion of Carboxy therapy without needles. The Gel Mask Treatment releases carbon dioxide 10 times more than the atmospheres into the skin and blood. This triggers red blood cells to release large amount of oxygen into the skin cells at different levels. In addition, carbon dioxide also dilates nearby capillaries and promotes increased blood circulation; it reduces the apparence of wrinkles, whitens, treats acne and scars.

  • Glow   Diamond microdermabrasion with Algae modeling mask, customized for you specific skin type and problem